Happy Xmas !

Here we are in the midst of a beautiful Advent and I’ve heard my first cranky retort regarding a Christmas card. A very kind and dear lady stood over me as I was seated at my desk this morning. She had pinched between her fingers, as if she were holding a soiled nappy, an envelope. ‘Look!’ she exclaimed! ‘How offensive!’

Curiously I took the envelope in my hand. On the back were the handwritten words ‘Happy Xmas!’ and the sender had hand drawn a small cross. Inside was a lovely card bearing an image of a Greek icon depicting Christ.

It’s so easy for us to become caught up in our secular world that we often lose track of, or even patience for, understanding of the world around us. In this case the sender of the card had created, in my opinion, a rather thoughtful use of their time. The first letter in the Greek word for Christ is ‘chi’ and the Greek letter for ‘chi’ is represented by a symbol similar to the letter ‘X’ in the modern Roman alphabet. Therefore, ‘Xmas’ is certainly an appropriate demonstration of their sincerity and creativity in sending a Greek icon image as a Christmas card.

Just as one might use ‘Xian’ as an alternative for the word ‘Christian,’ perhaps there had been even more thoughtfulness on the part of the sender who may have seen herself caught in a quagmire of political correctness. It’s hard to say.

But if we’re forced to live in a world where we may no longer speak from the heart, write from the heart, and love from the heart, out of fear as to whether it will cause someone else offence, we may find ourselves simply no longer bothering to communicate at all.

And wouldn’t that make our world sad.

Loving and forgiving Lord, we await Your coming. As we move from this darkness, shedding our failings, let us reach out to others without restrictions or judgement. Cleanse our hearts, alight our souls, that we may move to that joyous day when Your Son comes to us. Amen



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At 21:03, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Father, my husband and I attended the funeral for Roger Richardson. Never never have we experienced such a beautiful service. People cried people laughed and amazingly people applauded! You lifted us all and truly celebrated this lovely man. I will never forget your words about our fear of death - so true and how you brought us to tears with your compassionate prayer. All I can say is thank you and please never stop being who you are. Our Lord walks with you every day. God bless you. Norma and Lars Atwell


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