Look Both Ways!

I've been particularly mindful of children and their parents over the past few weeks. This weekend, as I stood at a traffic crossing, I listened to a mother earnestly explain to her small son why it was so important that they should always stop and look both ways before attempting to cross the road. It was a simple comment from a loving parent, but woven in an embracing cloak of nurturing responsibility and love.

Raising or teaching children is an awesome responsibility that has its challenges and rewards. Think of it: God has given some of us the responsibility of caring for a living being who is created in His image. When we offer our children to God we are acknowledging that we are stewards, not owners. We are also acknowledging that one day we will stand before God and answer for how we brought them up. Truly, our children are our greatest gift from God and the enormity of the task should sober us.

Each day is joy drenched with anxiety. If you experience a bit of anxiety about raising your children, it suggests that you’re on the ball and your children will benefit in the long-run. And if that isn’t enough of an incentive, you could take the fear route...

Remember, when you become old and grey, it’s your children who get to select your nursing home!

Gracious and loving God, You have blessed us with the greatest gifts in our children. Help us to embrace them with knowledge of life and especially knowledge of the love You give to us. We pray this in Christ's name. Amen



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