Who Are We Forgetting?

The growing dissension within the world-wide Anglican Communion has prompted a plethora of commanding and emotive statements from numerous luminaries, clergy, and members of the public. It is a tribute to our democratic freedoms that we possess the ability to make our positions of faith and beliefs public.

But there is equally a large number of people who do not possess the mechanisms to participate in these public forums. Among them are the elderly who have faithfully served God and their church all of their lives.

In the twilight of their years they have no interest or desire to become embroiled in ministerial politics, or supposed advancements in spiritual enlightenment. Instead, they are seeking to find comfort in the bosom of their faith, as they prepare themselves for that brief moment of darkness, which awakens to new a new dawn.

As the ‘enlightened’ battle it out with one another, the innocent become forgotten, they’re left confused, hurt, and often bitter. And most certainly deserted by their family – the very foundation upon which our churches were built – Christ’s family.

When Jesus chose the twelve disciples to be His close companions, during the three years of His public ministry, who would have thought that in His hour of need one turned out to be a traitor, one denied that he ever knew Him and the others deserted Him and ran away. In Pilate's judgement hall He stood isolated and alone and when they led Him away to crucify Him, He was left to carry His cross with not a single companion in sight.

It’s easy to understand something of what Jesus was going through. Betrayal, denial, and desertion are bitter experiences and can often leave a permanent imprint on our hearts and minds.

The cross was like a shadow across Jesus' life from the very beginning and grew darker and more threatening as time passed.

No wonder Jesus said, 'If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.'

Whatever we do, whatever position we take, we must not forget our elders, who deserve and need the respect and comfort from their family church. Failing to do so is to ignore the rubrics of our faith.

Lord Jesus, You humbled Yourself in taking the form of a servant and in obedience died on the cross for our salvation. Let us not forget Your humble servants who have served You all their lives. Give us the mind to follow You, as Your Son has taught us, in adherence to Your word, and not for our own convenience. Amen


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At 21:37, Anonymous OneOfHisServants said...

Its not just the Anglican church that is treating the elderly this way. All of them are doing the same thing. It's why I stopped going to church just like so many others have done. I was a faithful member of my church all my life. I don't feel its necessary to say which one. But the sermons and the social events all began to be more about political issues. Even when we were invited to social events they were secretly disguised political events. Im sick of it. No wonder so many faithful clergy have chosen to leave. But I know there would be many more if it werent for the fact that the church of England controls the pensions and retirement accommodations for the clergy. So many are just afraid to ripple the waters. I admire anyone who holds the spiritual values to stand up to the church of england. But Im sure it must be exhausting too. I like your blog. You speak many truths.


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