How Clear Is Your Vision?

The grim realities of the Spanair crash are now settling in. One hundred and fifty-three dead and of the twenty-two children who were on the flight, only three survived; they are fighting for their lives in hospital, calling out for their parents who will never come.

And we learn of the man who arrived only seconds too late to board the flight. He was angry yesterday when he was turned away by the gate agent. Now he’s asking why did God spare him? From what little remains of the MD82 aircraft, there is no doubt those who survived are the beneficiaries of a miracle.

Every day we are surrounded by miracles, but we rarely notice any of them - because they are always there and we grow accustomed to them. We domesticate God's wonders and take them as part of the ordinary furniture of our lives; And that means discounting their value by almost 100 percent!
Think of the new parents who stand in wonder over the cot of their new infant, marvelling at those tiny fingers and toes, the eyes that are barely open yet and the cry that is so loud for such a little body. 'It's a miracle,' they say and they're right.
But before long, living every day with the miracle becomes ordinary; the wonder fades and the focus shifts to mundane activities - 'pick up your socks, clean your room, and do your homework.' It's just the way our minds work. And in one sense it's probably a blessing, because otherwise we'd be exhausted and overwhelmed all the time at the incredible goings-on all around us.

But it is a pity, because so many of our lonely feelings and our wondering if God is close to us could be eased if we retained the gift of seeing what is right under our eyes. We can regain and reinvigorate that gift of sight, if we take the time to look at the simple things of our daily experience more closely and with a more attentive spirit. God is visible right here to those who have the eyes to see.

Take the time and experience the joy of seeing Him - each and every day.

Christ Jesus, you present us with miracles each and every day. Help us to open our eyes that we may see You more clearly and all the miracles you give us. Amen

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