The Good Samaritan

One of our basic human needs is a need for shelter. But for too many people, a comfortable house and stable home are beyond our reach. As I travel throughout Moldova and Romania the reality of homelessness, poverty and desertion is acute.

Some of the village ‘homes’ are nothing more than bark from trees. There is no running water, no electricity and the heating of the ‘home’ comes from a bucket in the centre of the room with a single coal rock. When the winter ice melts, the water and mud move as rivers around the homes, adding further misery for its inhabitants, especially the children who have no shoes.

In the village of Budesti the local mayor has worked admirably to create awareness of the residents’ plight. The vulnerable in outlying villages are bombarded daily by child-traffickers attempting to groom them into leaving. The poverty creates strong stories across the faces of the people. But the mayor has found help through the refurbishment of a small community centre.

As of now there are no books, no toys for the children, no equipment for sports, etc. However, what there is plenty of is hope. And hope breeds eternal. Recently, a Good Samaritan went with me to Budesti. He represented no one. He had no agenda. He was simply touched by the images on our website.

He flew from the Middle East, where he had been working in the midst of Iraq. He had simply come across this small blog by chance.

On his own, he did what he could to help. He purchased a computer server. He couldn’t afford to buy more, but he felt that if he bought the most important one, others might follow to help buy the computers that link to the server. The gentleman bought two sewing machines. And he bought a small CD player. He asked for nothing in return and in fact, he asked me specifically not to take him to any of the homes, because he couldn’t emotionally cope with the sights. But he did what he could.

As we gathered in the small community centre, there was a festive atmosphere. No one had ever come before to help in such a powerful way. Ever. And the people recognised how humble this simple man was.

A simple act of kindness. The planting of a seed of hope. Helping others create an environment where love and security can flourish and lives can find fulfilment. This is truly the Good Samaritan.


Gracious and Loving Lord, we give thanks for those who sacrifice themselves that they can help change the lives of those less fortunate. Bless them and nurture the seeds they have planted, that they may be rewarded. We pray this in Christ’s name. Amen.

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