Terrorism - What Is Its Purpose?

Terrorism. What is its purpose? Clearly, it is designed to intimidate and frighten its victims into living in a perpetual state of fear and anxiety.

This morning’s news reveal unfolding information regarding British Intelligence having arrested a number of individuals who are alleged to be plotting to blow up a large number of aircraft across the Atlantic.

As this fearful scenario unfolds, one of the international news stations has already brought on several of their seemingly endless number of ‘consultants,’ all with grim faces and critical of whatever it is that our country is doing as a response to the unfolding story. This, even before the sun has risen on the East Coast of America.

‘They need to install metal detectors and X-ray devices at the entrance to the airports and underground stations,’ extolled one. ‘Tighten security measures,’ was the mantra from others. ‘Cavity searches will be the norm now,' decried one particularly offensive 'consultant.' I had to wonder whether he had even been to the UK before.

As a nation, our freedoms are inviolate. Just as with many other countries in the world: we would not lightly accept a change to those freedoms, simply because there are those outside, or even within our nation, who wish to corrupt our civil society.

We have already adapted to the realities of violence and aggression, by the acceptance and recognition that Britain has the most extensive surveillance system in the world.

In London, virtually every street, every corner, mews, alleyway, etc., is monitored by overt and covert CCTV’s. For us to take any steps to impede the free movement or passage of a citizen would violate every principle of our society. More importantly, it would send a signal to terrorists that they are winning – that they are moving to the forefront of the minds of our citizens – that their strategy to create fear and doubt and misery is succeeding.

For now, we Brits will move on with our daily lives and we will do as we have always done. We’ll ‘get on with it,’ We’ll ‘keep a stiff upper,’ and we will ‘Never, Never, NEVER give up!’

Anglican Prayers

Loving God, Comfort those who are in fear today. Protect all who travel, whether as passengers or as staff. Help us in our own fears and uncertainty, and bless us with the knowledge that we are always secure in Your love. Strengthen all those who work for peace. Amen


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