Comair Crash

The unfolding details of the horrific crash of Comair flight OH191 (Delta 5191) at the Lexington Airport in Kentucky are as distressing as any tragedy can be. News reports suggest that the victims had little opportunity to escape and most may have died as a result of an incinerating fire.

As we offer our prayers for the passengers, crew, and emergency rescue teams, we should also pray for the friends and relatives and all whose lives will change as a result of this tragedy.

Flight manifests provide names and destinations, but they don’t provide glimpses on the lives of the passengers. We know there were newlyweds on board – their lives ahead of them, full of hope and excitement. We know there was a young father, anxious to return to his children and wife in Florida – he chose to take the earlier flight in hopes of getting home sooner. And there was a director of a charity – an individual who was driven to help make a change in society. Each soul on board was loved and needed by someone, and by God.

These names and many others will be called out today and for many tomorrows to come, as those who loved them become entwined in their sorrow and loss. Prayers will be said and tears will be shed.

And the soul survivor, the First Officer, who is fighting for his life in hospital – we pray that God ease his pain and guide the hands of the doctors and nurses who work around the clock to save his life. He will carry scars far beyond that of just the crash.

We pray for anyone who has been touched by this accident – the rescue workers, the coroner’s staff, police, recovery and security members and airline staff around the world who recognise this as the loss of a family member.

Please let us pray for the gate agent, who will surely relive the memory of each and every passenger, as she checked them in for their flight, looked into their eyes and wished them a good journey. Those faces will remain with her for the rest of her life.

As we offer our prayers for all those who have died, let us find comfort in the knowledge that those passengers have been received by a loving and life-giving God.

And in this knowledge, we are reminded that there is life immortal that shall survive the grave and their imperishable spirit is forever with the Lord.

Loving and compassionate Lord, we pray for all those who have called out to You and all who have suffered and all who have died. Receive them into Your arms. We ask that you embrace anyone who has been touched by this tragedy, particularly, the First Officer, James Polehinke, as he fights for his life in hospital. Give strength and comfort to those who are bereaved and to the rescue workers, officials, and public whose lives have been touched by this tragedy. And for all who travel, we pray that You place Your gentle breath upon each of them, that they may always feel the warmth of Your love and protection. In Christ’s name we pray. Amen


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