Watching For Patterns

I wasn’t surprised to hear BBC news presenters comment on how well behaved passengers were during yesterday’s cancellation of flights and implementation of stringent carry-on rules for flights. Needless to say, it was and is an extremely stressful time. But the public appears to be more resilient than they were during the events of September 11.

This doesn’t mean we’ve become complacent: quite the opposite. We’ve become wiser and we’ve recognised that all of us, together, must stand up to those sick, twisted and misguided few who wish us harm.

We can gain a good bit of wisdom by watching for the patterns in the world around us. What does this person or that group usually do? Are they likely to do it again?

In business, if a company has lost money for five years straight, you’d better look twice before you invest in it. And if no graduates from a given school have gotten into university in the past decade, you’d better think again before enrolling your children there.

Finding patterns can tell us a lot that’s useful and they can warn us away from serious mistakes. But it can also cause us to misjudge others or discount people merely because of their heritage or culture.

God does not see as we see. He sees life and hope where they are hidden from our view. The prudent soul always watches for the patterns in life, but also knows to look beneath the surface where hidden riches await. Learn to see as God sees and you will never close a door too early.
Anglican Prayers

Lord Father, like a ship at sea, steer my life to Your quiet harbour where I may be safe from the storms of danger and conflict. Grant me wisdom that I may be able to see with an open mind and open heart. Guide me to choose the right course, even when the seas are rough. For we know, that in Your love, there are always gentle waters. Amen


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