Never Forgotten

There are so many times in our lives when we struggle to achieve goals only to find that we’ve fallen flat on our faces. It happens in every facet of our lives. Oh, and sometimes, I tend to feel it happens even more so when you’re involved in charities.

People make promises and promises, never once seeming to realise that those ‘promises’ are accepted as truths by others, especially children. As a consequence, they become depended upon. And then they break that promise.

Having to tell a child that something is not going to happen because of a broken promise can be especially painful when it involves children who already have nothing in their lives. Some of the children claim that God has forgotten them, or that they’re being punished because they’re not ‘good enough.’ But as adults, we know this is not true.

In the days of King David and his son King Solomon, the Israelites were supremely confident that they were indeed God's chosen people. Anyone who doubted it need only look at the splendid temple that Solomon built and the elaborate ceremonies and sacrifices that went on there from dawn to dusk, year after year.

And then after Solomon's death came the division of the kingdom, north and south, and later the destruction of both kingdoms, with their populations carried off as captives in strange lands.

How far they had fallen, and how thoroughly alone they felt as they wept at night so far away from home. And worst of all, they were certain that their sins had put them there. They felt they deserved their misery, and it seemed as if it would never end. ‘God has forsaken me; my Lord has forgotten me,’ was their lament. But it wasn't true.

God spoke to them; ‘Could a mother forget her infant, be without tenderness for the child of her womb? Even should she forget, I will never forget you.’ And indeed, the Lord brought them home to their own land, and helped them rebuild their lives.

Sometimes we feel alone and forgotten, and sometimes we may jolly well deserve it. But, whatever the case, God never forgets us and He never withdraws from us.

Turn your eyes inward to where He lives and where He never leaves. And you will see: You are never alone.

Gracious and loving Lord, You are always with us. Lead us, guide us, teach us to accept Your mysteries. Protect us during our times of need. Forgive us when we fail. But always lead us back to Your light. We pray this in Your Son’s name. Amen

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