It's A Wonderful Life

I’ve nearly gotten all of the Christmas decorations up. Yes, I’m slow. I admit it.

At the bottom of one box was a DVD - one of my all-time favourites; Frank Capra’s magnificent film – It’s a Wonderful Life, with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed. I place it in with the Christmas decorations each year as it has become a family tradition to watch the film whilst scoffing down an array of Christmas goodies.

It’s interesting to know that when the film was first released the public’s reception of it was rather lukewarm. Now it’s a Christmas classic being watched by people around the world.

Whilst the film certainly has a Christmas theme, the appeal that causes our cheeks to redden and our eyes to mist is the message of an overwhelming victory of charity over greed, kindness over rudeness, and friendship over alienation.

Just when George Bailey feels he has nothing in the world, no one who loves him, and he’s so alone in the world, the world shows him that he is loved! His friends come to his rescue during his greatest time of need. George Bailey has clearly reaped what he spent his life sowing.

Isn’t this the essence of our celebration of the birth of Jesus? Just when we felt we were alone in the world, Christ came to declare God's love for us.

That's the message of Christmas that opens the door to a wonderful life—the joy of knowing Christ and living in His love.

I wish you all a Joyous Christmas!

Father Bill Haymaker +

Lord Father, You sent a messenger to prepare our hearts for the coming of Your Son. Help us to hear his words and repent our sins, that we may always walk in Your light, living our lives for our Lord, Christ Jesus. Amen



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