Keep Your Eyes Open

When Jesus says, ‘Keep your eyes open, for you know not the day or the hour,’ He’s not talking mainly about dying. He’s talking about God, the groom in the parable, who keeps showing up when you least expect him. God is always with us, but He shows himself more clearly at certain unforeseen times and He speaks important words to us at odd moments. There’s no telling when that will happen, so Jesus says we just have to be watchful.

Sometimes God speaks to us through nature, its immensity and grandeur, its delicate and subtle beauties, the softness of an invisible breeze, the sweet smell of a hidden flower or the majesty of the seas. God is there, reminding us who He is and what a blessing life is.

Sometimes God shows His face reflected in the faces of His good people. Some of those faces are very tiny, some are old and wrinkled, some have big smiles and others big tears. But shining through all those different good faces is God’s face, showing us His goodness and reminding us we’re not alone.

Sometimes God cries out to us through human voices racked by pain or despair, voices weeping and voices laughing. God speaks to us through their voices and tells us where we’re needed, where our light needs to shine.

Whether in light or in darkness God shows Himself and speaks to us continually every day, comforting, blessing, encouraging, challenging, and always wrapping us with His love. So keep your eyes open. This is something you really don’t want to miss! Be quiet with Him. Listen and watch. You’ll be amazed!


God our protector, You hear us in our whispers and in our cries. Help us to see You in each and every thing You’ve created for us. Amen



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