If It's On The Internet It Must Be True!

Were it not for the miracles of modern technology and most certainly God’s divine intervention, none of us in this group would have likely found one another. What a truly inspirational testimony this is as to how God’s touch leads us, even through technology.

You may have found this site through the new verb of ‘googling,’ or you may have come upon the blog through the act of ‘surfing.’ But for those of us who are ‘middle-aged’ or above, our natural inclination might have been to first turn towards the written word in the form of a reference book, rather than using a computer.

The comforting thing about a book is that before it comes into being it goes through a process of revision, assessment, and validation, which generally means that by the time it is published, it has almost a seal of understood authority. However, with computer-generated material, there is no such process; anyone can produce professional looking material in his or her own home.

Yet I have found myself, almost frighteningly, accepting the premise that if I read it on the internet, it must be accurate. And when I ask my children to do research for homework, they immediately rely upon the internet, rather than using the written word in our library.

This raises important issues for us. As religious people, we may maintain that appearance is comparatively unimportant-it is substance that matters. The problem is that nowadays a professional looking document or Web page carries a kind of spurious authority, which demands from us constant caution to establish its relative value.

When you invest in reading the Bible, you’ll find that it has a fascinating technology of its own. It encourages us to read further, to ‘click’ on expanding ideas and perspectives, drawing us towards a greater understanding of its core. By doing so, it draws us all closer towards a greater understanding of God’s message.

I’m sure all of us have witnessed sad and often appalling scenarios, where individuals have taken one line of the Bible and manipulated it to serve as a validation of their own often fractured and misguided views. I see those people as being afraid to open themselves to the miracles of spiritual growth that the Bible affords us. Sadly, it’s that unwillingness to expand their knowledge that has a negative and sometimes tragic upon others.

However you occasion it, whether it be through the technology of the internet, or with the embracing comfort of The Book in your hands, reading your Bible and exploring its depths will give you a lifetime of pleasure and growth.

If you’re looking to learn more about yourself, there is nothing better!

Creator God, You call us to rejoice in the discovery of new knowledge and to be fearless in the pursuit of truth and understanding wherever we may find it. May we not be distracted by outwards forms and be ever watchful for the pitfalls which can befall the unwary. Our strength and growth comes from Your word. Amen



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